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There are many types of breast cancer. Some are very rare. Your doctor can tell you more about the type you have. Below are the medical names for the most common types of breast cancer. Carcinoma is another name for cancer.
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If You Have Breast Cancer | What To Do When You Get Breast Cancer

As a paraphilia , breast fetishism also known as mastofact , breast partialism , or mazophilia [1] is a highly atypical sexual interest consisting of an exclusive focus on female breasts , which is a type of partialism. Scientists hypothesize that non-paraphilic sexual attraction to breasts is the result of their function as a secondary sex characteristic. The breasts play roles in both sexual pleasure and reproduction. Some authors have discussed the modern widespread fascination with breasts among heterosexual males in Western societies, especially in the United States, within the context of sexual fetishism. Scientists hypothesize that non- paraphilic sexual attraction to breasts is the result of their function as a secondary sex characteristic.
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The breast is one of two prominences located on the upper ventral region of the torso of primates. In females, it serves as the mammary gland , which produces and secretes milk to feed infants. At puberty , estrogens , in conjunction with growth hormone , cause breast development in female humans and to a much lesser extent in other primates.
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Dense breast tissue is detected on a mammogram. Additional imaging tests are sometimes recommended for women with dense breasts. If a recent mammogram showed you have dense breast tissue, you may wonder what this means for your breast cancer risk. Doctors know dense breast tissue makes breast cancer screening more difficult and it increases the risk of breast cancer. Review your breast cancer risk factors with your doctor and consider your options for additional breast cancer screening tests.
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